Monday, March 28, 2016


my heart,
is worn
faded and torn but
where did you go?

do you remember
you said,
i'd never be alone

i woke myself up
although, my brain
strongly disagreed

made my bed
and put on
that favorite
pair of jeans

got to church
and then you
came to the place
where i sat

told me that
you had to leave
and that when it was over
you'd be at home

when i got to
that place
you said
you'd be

you pulled
a rabbit from
your hat
blamed it
all on me

Copyright © 2016 Ezra A. All rights reserved

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

love lost, remembered

summer was when
we loved between
covers and open windows
breeze flinging
new into the room

jack johnson background
 us memorizing
the freckles and scars
though we were carving
deep into heart flesh,

deep into july
becoming august
my heart fell
scraped knees hard

this moment when
loved was realized
as pain
open flesh
and i wonder if
your still wounded too

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

oklahoma summer dusk

nights when
summer echoes
through trees
locusts dreaming
out loud

fireflies twinkle
drunken promises
like dew drops
sun catching
the dawn

deep earth
rolled in sheets
blades of grass
like stars of heaven

breath leaks out